Maker's Spotlight: Marcy Davy

If you've stopped by lately, you've probably noticed these gorgeous new screen print additions we've added to our shelves. Each one of Marcy Davy's pieces are handmade from start to finish with the intent of providing original and attainable work for the modern home. Her designs are inspired by the stories found in flora and fauna, folk art and vintage design. We've been drooling over her pieces since they arrived, so we caught her on a break from her busy schedule to chat about her work. 

Q: What inspired you to start making?

Marcy: Making things has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born lucky to a very creative and talented mama who always had a project for my sisters and I to work on and supplies to share with us. Nature, in one way or another, has always been an inspiration to me. Collecting, cataloging and drawing beautiful organic forms is my meditation and has always been such a big part of my life it feels as necessary as fresh air and water. I will get an itch to draw that must be scratched and without it I would be lost!  



Q: What does a typical work day look like for you? 

Marcy: I wear a lot of hats on most typical days. Mornings are for coffee and catching up on email, afternoons are all about printing and packing orders, and usually I work on new designs in the evening. I also try to squish in bike rides on wooded trails, backyard bonfires and cocktails with friends whenever I can on work days.  

Q: Do you have a particular piece that is extra meaningful for you?

Marcy: So many of my prints are special to me. Landscapes like 'say yes to adventure' and 'sweet wilderness' have been based on beautiful spots I've traveled to and they remind me of dreamy sunsets in the Florida Keys or cliff side log cabins in Kentucky every time I see them. I also have a series of prints spurred by our current political climate, and I think they will always remind me of a brave choice I made to do what I think is right when it comes to my business instead of what's safe. I am currently working on some designs that have helped crystallize my own spiritual connections to nature and I know when finished they will be some of my most personal and most meaningful work to date.

Q: Describe your studio. Is there anything that's always around? 

Marcy: I work out of a home studio in my basement. It is not a sun drenched dream space by any stretch of the imagination, but it is my little Fraggle Rock and I love working down here. There's almost always music on, every genre from classic rock to old Dolly Parton to my favorite indie bands. If I am printing a large edition I'll put on podcasts or audiobooks once I get that first perfect print and can go into autopilot mode.  

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring makers? 

Marcy: Put your work out there and worry about having everything absolutely perfect later. Nothing will ever be perfect and if you navigate the waters of selling your craft with flexibility, chances are good your target will be constantly moving anyway. Fail with gusto because you will learn so much from it, most importantly that failure is never the end of the world you pictured in your mind. Out of all of the logs of determination on the fire, the ones that have burned the longest and brightest for me were born out of failure and heartbreak, not success.  

Make sure to stop by and check out Marcy's awesome prints! OR click here to shop her products on our web store. 

Preserving for Future Generations

When Denise brought in this gorgeous vintage kimono from Japan, we couldn't stop marveling at its beauty! Its intricate patterns and designs are something that we just don't see as often anymore. Denise was given the kimono as a gift from her aunt in Colorado who had it displayed hanging from a curtain rod. Because Denise lives in a high-rise on Lakeshore Drive, she didn't want the sun to fade the piece as time went by. So, of course, shadowboxing it with UV protective glass was the perfect solution. This was the perfect way to preserve the piece for future generations. 

After being pressed, the kimono was very carefully hand stitched on. Because it is made of silk, we took extra precaution in making sure that everything lay exactly where it needed to. 

Because of its complexity, we made special arrangements for Todd, one of the owners, to install the piece. So we sealed it up and headed to Denise's apartment on Lakeshore Drive. 

This was very large! It definitely takes more than just a nail in the wall to hang a piece of this size. Make sure to ask us if you don't know - we've got the hardware you'll need! 

 We're so happy that we were able to play a part in preserving this heirloom. Now, as it's passed along through the family, it will continue to hang on the walls for future generations, looking just as beautiful as it does today.

"Bestefar Verktøy" - Grandpa's Tools

This was a very special project that we put together for a very special client. Her husband wanted to do something very meaningful for his father, whose father was a carpenter of Norwegian descent - and these were his original tools! 

She had supplied the wood backing and the leather straps that we used to secure the tools. It took a lot of figuring out to find the best arrangement and fastening methods to make all of the tools fit beautifully. 

We used a stacked double frame for this, because the depth of the frame needed to be large enough to fit all of the tools behind the glass. 

To make this project even more special, she wanted a golden engraved plate at the bottom of the piece that read "Bestefar Verktøy," the Norwegian "Grandpa's Tools."

We used his original wooden tape measure to frame out the top three sides of the piece. It was the perfect touch to bring everything together. 

With the frame fitted and secured, we carefully added the glass and sealed everything up. This piece ended up being super heavy - so we used a very strong wire hanger in the back to make sure it could safely hang on a wall. 

This piece is certainly something to be proud of on both sides. It represents the eternal bond between a family, and it represents the unique craftsmanship that Foursided brings.