Romantic movie sap or not, you will have an 'awwww' moment once you hear this remarkable framing fairytale. Foursided was so privileged to receive this once-in-a-lifetime custom framing order. Our featured couple brought in boxes of vintage keepsakes from their courtship, engagement and wedding to create a larger-than-life shadowbox. Here is their story:

They were engaged in 1943. He was a lieutenant and expert marksman at the time. During the war, our lady worked and made a fair amount of her own money which she happily contributed to their wedding and joint account. Included in the multitude of ephemera is a list of wedding expenses in her own hand - her dress cost $25! The line for "John's Ring" is blank (a secret). Also included is the bill from their honeymoon in Vancouver. A couple of articles from their hometown newspaper are featured, one of which describes her dress: "...white satin and chiffon, with pointed sleeves and full skirt. Her fingertip illusion veil was caught up by a Victorian cap. She carried a prayerbook topped with a white orchid." ...Swoon!

Orchids featured prominently in their courtship; while he was away, he arranged for an orchid to be delivered to her work on a regular basis. In the letter from her, there is mention of how much "Orchid Day" makes her and her coworkers happy. She says "Darling, someday it will all be different - nothing will ever separate us again." In his letter, he talks a lot about the minutiae of enlisted life, and he also says "I have never wanted anything as much as I want to get back there and marry you." He continues, "I feel like just trying to swim all the way back."  Double swoon!!

This piece encapsulates a lifetime of memories for this couple and we took great care to showcase and preserve each detail. Everyday framers have the opportunity to handle objects, photos and keepsakes that have deep meaning for the client and we respect the privilege. Seriously people! We can jive sentimental too!

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