Look around your apartment, office, studio, you-name-it! Is it classic, eclectic, contemporary, traditional…What’s your style?! We took this awesome, intricate print (sold in stores) to the framing table to find out how the right frame combo and a practiced hand, can transform it for each and every decor.

All it needs is the right detail!

Here’s how to visualize using corner samples…

A soft white mat coupled with a sturdy black frame on this graphic print lends a clean and contemporary look ideal for any modern maven. Try an 8ply mat thickness for an extra deep bevel and added ‘oomph’.

Want classy and clean, but with an eclectic edge? This look will turn heads: A lacquered white frame features classic architectural detail stacked on a kraft color mat board with white core interior. Try a black or white core mat on your next framing job to get this stylish twist.

Perhaps you want to take this print to your home in the country, surrounded by soft watercolor likenesses of local outhouses? The perfect warm and woodsy frame will do the trick.

Last on our list, but certainly not to be outdone, our traditional style is ready for hanging by your chandelier in the foyer. A deep chocolate mat is gilded by a metallic fillet (a small piece of moulding which fits inside a larger frame or matting) and an equally grand champagne and black treated frame. Bring in your most challenging framing conundrum and we can apply these or yet-to-be-discovered style evolutions to it and then some! I dare you.

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