Nervous to bring in your artwork for a one-on-one framing consultation? Well, don't be! At Foursided, our expert team will be at your side throughout the process helping you make the best decisions for your unique piece. So many options and decisions can seem overwhelming, let us interpret all that framing 'mumbo jumbo' to fit your vision and your budget. Come on in with your artwork, ideas and enthusiasm…We're already excited about it!! Here is a recent collaboration between client and framer. Armed with four stunning miniature paintings from India embossed in glowing mineral and gold leaf colors on old manuscript paper, our customer came to Foursided looking for a special piece comprised of all four images.

After mixing and matching some options, we settled on these subtle earth tone, linen mat choices. Floating the paintings on top of the mat board allows the natural edges to show-off their authenticity.

To create the rich-looking frame: two wooden frames (one metallic gold and one with an ornate treatment) were stacked to create the illusion of one single gold edged frame. The pieces were arranged and measured  to make sure they would have a balanced and symmetrical end result.

Measure once, measure twice!

Voila! All the pieces come together from the framing table to the wall. Fit for a king!!

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