Shadowboxes continue to be all-the-rage for 2014! They are a great way to put keepsakes, correspondence (or random crap you can’t figure out where to stash) in one stylish package. A longtime, design-savvy customer of Foursided has had his fair share of puzzle-piece projects to assemble. This particular piece is one fashion-centric extravaganza eleganzaaaaaaa!

Accented by a suede textured matboard, this collage of vintage sewing items (including machine parts from the 1920′s) required different methods of attachment within the frame depending on the materials. For example, the measuring tape is tacked down with invisible thread for an organic but flawless appearance.

Using their mad framing skills, our team added special details taking this piece the extra mile such as: replacing the back of the attached sewing box with more imagery from the sewing manual and letting the threads from the needles fall in a natural pattern for added flair. You know you’re jealously looking around your living right now looking for something (ANYTHING!) to shadowbox!

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