Ever since we started carrying Enfiniti Design prints by artist Marelvi Gaxhaj they have been flying off the shelves (and walls) like "whoa!" We caught up with Marelvi to inquire about his unique approach and rebel vibe. Here is what he had to say...

The line quality of your skyline is so fine, what techniques do you use to achieve this effect?

With every city that I have done, I always hand draw it first, to create the perfect flow and balance, but there is so much detail in the city that in order to represent it as accurately as possible, I have to use a design program to clean it up. So after I hand draw it, I have to draw it all over again on a computer. I use different programs, from Adobe to AutoCad, and my first two cities which were Milwaukee and Chicago, were designed on Microsoft Paint, the most basic drawing program that is on almost every computer.

Currently you work in both print and textile, any plans to branch out in other directions? 

Yes, I have many plans to branch out to different things, but all of those come with time and when I am ready to do something more. I like using my artistic skills to create different products, and the word product may sound a bit cold and corporate but not to me, I don't think of myself as just an Artist or Graphic Designer, I think of myself as a Product Developer because then, I can use my art to make anything.

Is your background in the arts, give us the details? 

I was an Artist since 1st grade, and I always picked Art classes in Highschool. At 18 I went to the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, for Architecture because I saw it as an evolution of my talent, and I already knew how to draw so I figured going to college for Art would be a waste because I had already learned that subject. But I did take two Art classes in college just out of curiosity, and to be honest I hated them and dropped them both halfway through the semester. I did not like them because I didn't like being told what to draw or paint. I realized that the world is so much bigger than a tiny classroom of twenty people.

Do you plan to represent every city in your work eventually?

I do want to represent every city, but if I did that I would have to live and die on a computer, without ever having time to experience those cities, or experience anything else for that matter. Life to me is about being happy, exploring the world, and having fun with family and friends. The only thing that matters on your deathbed is the experiences you had. So the answer is no, I will have to draw a line at some point. I have four skylines right now and those are Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, and Cancun. I would like to draw twenty of the major skylines in the world and then move on to other things.

Is there a particular era, artist, or movement that inspires your particular style?

This is an easy answer: Leonardo (di ser Piero) Da Vinci, He followed his own style and passion and did everything from Art, Sculpture, Medicine, Engineering.....he imposed no limits on his knowledge and skills. Pretty much all of his knowledge he acquired on his own, he simply opened his eyes and ears to the world around him, and connected the dots to learn how things worked. The point is, all the knowledge of the universe is out there in the world waiting to be discovered, and it’s free, you just have to go find it. Thank you Marelvi for taking the time to enlighten us! For the rest of you, come to any Foursided location to see how we framed up these gorgeous skyline prints. You may not be able to resist those buxom corners...

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