Quarantine Tales: Beating Boredom - Part One

In this time of quarantine and social distancing, it can be difficult to know hot to fill your days beyond mindlessly scrolling through Instagram...unless you're admiring our page @foursidedchicago, then it's totally okay. And you can only sit around in that workout gear pretending you're going to work out for so long. So to provide you with some ideas, we asked our Foursided staff some questions!Read more

Framing Favorites: Fly that W

It's been a long time since we've seen our Cubs make it to the World Series (71 years to be exact)! As the games begin, Chicago residents are finding many creative ways to show their team spirit. Here at Foursided, we ask ourselves, "is there any better way to celebrate and show our Cubs pride than to frame our covetable Cub stuff?" Pssh, no. And so we did. 

This was a tough one to choose a frame color for. After much deliberation, we decided to go with solid black frame to not distract from any of the super cool stuff going inside.

Tip: When choosing a frame, we like to blur our eyes to try and get a sense of the overall picture. That way, it's easy to tell if your frame is pulling too much focus or simply adding to the awesomeness of the piece. 

Once on the framing table, we began putting everything in its place. It's important to make sure everything is really secure so as time passes, the memorabilia stays in tip-top shape.

After a good brushing off and double checking of measurements, this beauty was just itching to hang from a wall somewhere! 

And drumroll, please. 

We couldn't be happier with this piece! Have some Cub's memorabilia of your own? Maybe you were at the historic playoff game? Or maybe you're just the number one Cubs fan... ever? Let Foursided showcase your memories! 

Frame That Trend!

Whenever hot interior design trends hit the mainstream, Foursided likes to stay ahead-of-the-curve with unique frames and interesting finishes. We have many perfect options for every major 2015 style you can think of. Take a look at the biggest home decor trend predictions for this year and our mix-n-match frame samples! Tropical_webBrilliant Tropical - Tropical textiles and bright colors are all the rage in home furnishings. New age bright-colored furniture pieces with a modern flare open up a world of possibilities for your walls. From flamingos, palm trees, to sandy beach photos there is a perfect frame to fit every aspect. Look for unique textures like those pictured above or linen, deep woodgrain, distressed natural wood and any tiki-esque flare.                                                       Wallpaper_webWallpaper Jungle: If you haven't seen it, you've heard about it. Full wall or complete room wallpaper options are being developed by top designers and artists to give your place a sweet twist. Try one wall in the master bedroom! A neat trick for an extra busy wallpaper... choose a simple frame that won't compete with your awesome home story. Pictured above we full-on embraced the attitude of the wallpaper with burlwood rainforest or ornate gold chic. Don't tell me, it looks fan#$*%tastic... Moody_web2Moody Minimalist -  The minimal approach is another popular trend being embraced by the masses. Busier frames and prints are being swapped out for cleaner, cool-toned items. Look for a frame with a slight metallic sheen or industrial feel. Another way to keep it clean and open: try a large, digital white mat on your piece to give it breathing room and formality. Charcoal frames are also an ideal fit for this sleek category.                                              Color_web3Color Me Crazy - All over color, color, color! Every decade has its favorite color tones, but it is a safe bet that bold, drastic color will always find its way into home decor trends. There are endless options for frames in bright hues or you can do a style twist like we did. Pictured above is two stacked lacquer finish frames one white and one red. The perfect way to find the ideal color combo for a room, create the frame yourself with this technique! Masc_webTall, Dark & Masculine - While dramatic and woodsy, these masculine finishes aren't just for men! Anyone can use edgy decorating in their own house or apartment. Natural wood frames in particular are an exemplary addition to any home. They are classic and can transition seamlessly from cool minimal to a clean white wall with touches of color. The masculine look can go far when it is a little rough around the edges. Look for rust, metal, or dark wood frame treatments. Interior photos: / Frame samples: Foursided Custom Framing