"Bestefar Verktøy" - Grandpa's Tools

This was a very special project that we put together for a very special client. Her husband wanted to do something very meaningful for his father, whose father was a carpenter of Norwegian descent - and these were his original tools! 

She had supplied the wood backing and the leather straps that we used to secure the tools. It took a lot of figuring out to find the best arrangement and fastening methods to make all of the tools fit beautifully. 

We used a stacked double frame for this, because the depth of the frame needed to be large enough to fit all of the tools behind the glass. 

To make this project even more special, she wanted a golden engraved plate at the bottom of the piece that read "Bestefar Verktøy," the Norwegian "Grandpa's Tools."

We used his original wooden tape measure to frame out the top three sides of the piece. It was the perfect touch to bring everything together. 

With the frame fitted and secured, we carefully added the glass and sealed everything up. This piece ended up being super heavy - so we used a very strong wire hanger in the back to make sure it could safely hang on a wall. 

This piece is certainly something to be proud of on both sides. It represents the eternal bond between a family, and it represents the unique craftsmanship that Foursided brings. 

A Magical Mother's Day Mat Carving

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we wanted to put our framing skills to the test and bust out a project that would be challenging, but have a huge payoff. After much discussion, we decided to carve out the word "MOM" on a simple white mat with some sort of colorful floral wallpaper lying underneath. After all, what mother doesn't like something made by hand? This is just like the adult version of those little popsicle stick & macaroni frames you'd make in school.

Because Todd is a mat-carving master, he spent some time drawing out and marking exactly where each cut would be made. It's like laying out the blueprints for all of the exciting things that are about to happen.

And he gets to work. Both of the Ms were cut on our bevel cutter, which cuts at an angle, exposing a bit of the core of the mat and proving a smooth edge in between the mat and what lies underneath. The letter O was cut by a hand blade. This takes some real precision and expertise! 

We found the perfect floral wallpaper to really pop from inside the letters. Once this beauty landed inside of a frame, it was clear that we'd conquered our artistic challenge. It couldn't have turned out better! 

What do you think? We could totally see this on any Mother's wall. And don't worry - we're sure she still loves your popsicle stick frames just as much.

DIY: Rocks, Crystals, and Geodes... oh my!

If you're feeling particularly crafty today, we've got a simple and quick DIY for you that has a huge payoff. Rocks, crystals, and geodes are perfect for bringing a natural and soothing energy into any room. They make for the perfect bedside companions, bookshelf fillers, good luck charms, pet rocks, and even keychains - but have you ever thought about hanging one of them from your wall? Well, neither did we... until a few days ago. 

What you'll need:

  • silicone (or super strong glue)
  • your favorite rock friends
  • a shadowbox frame (make sure your rock fits inside)
  • white mat board 

Step 1: Find your center

Measure the mat board on both sides to determine where you'll glue your rock. It doesn't have to be exact - but it gives you a good ballpark range of where to glue. 

Step 2: Get sticky

Glue your rock to the mat board in the way that makes it the flattest it can possibly lay. You want to make sure it fits perfectly inside your frame! 

Step 3: Let 'em sit

While your rock friends are drying, it's a good idea to clean your glass and get your frame ready. Make sure all those pesky little specks and fingerprints are nowhere to be seen! Once everything is good and dry, put your frame back together and marvel at your awesome DIY skills. 

You can experiment with all kinds of rock shapes and frame sizes. If you're feeling extra crazy, try using a patterned piece of paper or a bright color mat board. We wanted to keep things simple and elegant, but there's no limit to what you can do with these! 

Come mine through our shelves of rocks and geodes until you find the perfect little stone for your project. Oh, and if you need a frame, we're pretty sure we've got you covered on that, too.