Holidays at Foursided

Deck the halls with boughs of holly (Fa la la la la, la la la la)! It's finally everyone's absolute favorite time of the year! There's no better way to dive head first into the holiday spirit than to come check out how Foursided is celebrating. Put on your coat, get on your sled, and come dashing through the snow to see us!

Surely you've heard the news by now, but if you've been living under a rock since election day - we get it. Foursided has a brand-spanking new holiday pop-up shop right next to the Andersonville location at 5059 N Clark! Both the holiday shop and the Lakeview locations have plenty of Christmas for you to get your mittens on. 

Snow globes, elves, & bottle brush trees... oh my! 

We love it when you guys walk into our shops and say, "It smells just like Christmas in here!" Good news— we've got a bevy of holiday candles, including crowd favorite, Fraser Fir. 

 Ornaments, ornaments, and MORE ornaments. If you can dream it, we've probably got it.  

Lots of witty & pretty cards for everyone on your list. There's no better way to send holiday cheer. 

Seriously, we're more festive than Whoville. 

Mixing the old & new is one of our favorite things (along with whiskers on kittens, warm woolen mittens, etc). 

Come spread the holiday cheer(s)! Want to shop around online before stopping in? Make sure to check out Foursided's Holiday Gift Guide 2016! 


Framing Favorites: Crossing the Finish Line

As soon as Heather came into the shop with her Chicago Marathon pieces, we knew we were in store for a super special project. It was important for us to somehow find a way to mirror Heather's hard work, perseverance, and determination through our framing.  

We decided to go with a white mat and a white frame to make sure that the focus was on the pieces individually. Anything else would've distracted from the awesomeness inside the frame. With that, we took off running* down to the frame shop. Okay, not literally... but you get the idea. 

*It's never a good idea to run in a frame shop. 

This piece was particularly tricky to decide how we wanted everything to be displayed inside the frame. It was important that each item was clearly visible and that they didn't compete for attention. 

Once we had found the perfect layout, we wanted to some depth to the piece by adding foam backing behind the picture of Heather crossing the finish line. Because this was being framed inside of a shadowbox, we had a lot of room to play with depth and dimension. We especially liked the "untouched" look of her number. The wrinkles and curved edges kept the piece more honest and organic.

Stamping Heather's official run-time was probably our favorite part of this project. Not only does it add a touch of unique craftsmanship, but it's also is the perfect way to subtly put the cherry on top of her amazing journey. Each number was individually stamped using a hammer and leather punch tools.

We're convinced Heather is going to be as happy as we are with how this piece came together! At Foursided, we believe the best memories are showcased when they're hanging on a wall.  

Framing Favorites: Fly that W

It's been a long time since we've seen our Cubs make it to the World Series (71 years to be exact)! As the games begin, Chicago residents are finding many creative ways to show their team spirit. Here at Foursided, we ask ourselves, "is there any better way to celebrate and show our Cubs pride than to frame our covetable Cub stuff?" Pssh, no. And so we did. 

This was a tough one to choose a frame color for. After much deliberation, we decided to go with solid black frame to not distract from any of the super cool stuff going inside.

Tip: When choosing a frame, we like to blur our eyes to try and get a sense of the overall picture. That way, it's easy to tell if your frame is pulling too much focus or simply adding to the awesomeness of the piece. 

Once on the framing table, we began putting everything in its place. It's important to make sure everything is really secure so as time passes, the memorabilia stays in tip-top shape.

After a good brushing off and double checking of measurements, this beauty was just itching to hang from a wall somewhere! 

And drumroll, please. 

We couldn't be happier with this piece! Have some Cub's memorabilia of your own? Maybe you were at the historic playoff game? Or maybe you're just the number one Cubs fan... ever? Let Foursided showcase your memories!