realsoap_altered_main_web It's for reeeal ya'll... Real soaps that is. A welcome new addition to Foursided, Real. Soaps makes small-batch, all natural artisan soaps and bath products. We have picked up some of their fresh & fragrant soap scents including Bliss, Naked and Vanilla/Orange with Clove. Mmmmmm!

realsoaps_splice_web Locally made right here in Chicago by beautiful burly bearded men, the gents at Real soaps are committed to a REAL, all natural experience. Each bar is hand-cut and smells delicious!

RealSoap_Balm_web Foursided has also started carrying some other exclusive items such as Rosemary & Peppermint Lip Balm and Real's own Beard Oils! Look up the guys at Real soaps for more info on their process...they would love to give you the dish on soap. Wait, is that a pun?

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