Here at Foursided we do high volumes of canvas stretching and re-stretching. You've never seen it on our blog before, so here is your chance!! Artist Koby Feldmos was kind enough to let us utilize his stunning original painting to showcase the process.

This oil painting on canvas was particularly oversized and requires some mad framing skills. That's what I'm talking about!

Lakeview location framer, Brian, is working some Foursided magic on this piece. Jealous much? If you want to bring in that canvas you have rolled up in the attic, you can consult with a framer to choose a stretcher bar that works best for your piece. After that you can select a frame that fits over the canvas, or just hang it as is! Our customer picked a matte back frame with some weight to it. 

47" Sky & Earth Oil Painting

Want a piece like this of your own? Visit Koby's online shop of original work to purchase..and we'll take it from there!

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