Pin Game on Point

Enamel pins, patches and flair have made such a massive comeback that walking down the street can be a major 80's throwback. This framing customer was way ahead of the trend with his ultimate collection of enamel pins dating back years!

The consultation process for a piece like this can be extensive. Collaborating and laying out two well-balanced, vertical pieces with appropriate spacing and color between each pin is essential. When finally the arrangement is settled, we take photographs to capture and recreate placement exactly.

We chose a gray matboard to contrast the pins and used a double mat to strengthen any angular qualities in the piece. After the mat is cut, we punctured each pin through the backing so they could lay perfectly flat. 

A classic matte black frame finishes off the look beautifully. The end result is a colorful masterpiece, with subdued tones keepin' it classy. Anyone have a pin collection that could contend with this one? Didn't think so. #pingame

Fifteen Minutes of "Frame"

Custom framing often intersects with various types of signed memorabilia. Album covers in particular are a frequent object of admiration, and should be put on display! This mint-condition vinyl from The Velvet Underground and Nico is signed by Lou Reed, so our customers wanted a memorable, sleek design to emphasize it.

Here you can see the album detail front and back:

Instead of pulling inspiration from the bright tones in this piece, we decided to keep the album our main focus with a black mat and frame. A bit specialty, the mat has a leathery texture and sheen that reflects light. 

The frame is a black, lacquer finish shadowbox style with slightly rounded edges. We used black 1/4" spacers to create the set-back look and keep the glass from touching the album's cover.

Now that it is protected from the elements and suuuuuper polished, this framed album will live long past its proverbial fifteen minutes of fame.  

A Cereal Framer

What?! Here is another project in the realm of weird things to frame! This is a 2003 throwback for Green Slime limited edition breakfast cereal from Nickelodeon. Our customer wanted to frame this cardboard box up to be even more cool and colorful than before. 

What started as just a cardboard box became modern and clean with the edition of a black mat with a bright yellow core. The yellow core is bold enough to complement even those Nickelodeon-bright hues!

After the black specialty mat was cut with an opening to cover some of the wear and tear, we finished the piece with a bright orange frame. The frame is metal and has a thin profile so it doesn't overwhelm the piece with color but adds a splash of much needed brilliance. A fun piece needs a fun frame!

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