Framing Favorites: A Very Vintage Halloween

We were drooling when these vintage paper Halloween costumes showed up on our framing table! These colorful guys were found inside of a 1953 Motorola television brochure featuring "Dick Tracy Comics" and "Popeye and Olive Oil." After some stealthy internet digging, we were able to find the original page from the brochure. Check it out! 

We thought the instructions (which were still intact) were pretty rad, so we decided to fit them into the piece as well.

Keeping in mind that these guys were found in a vintage newspaper, we thought they would look best floating on an off-white mat with a solid black 1" frame, almost mimicking the newspaper style itself.

Once on the framing table, we were excited to give these pieces the showcasing they deserved after sixty years! With some quick trimming and fitting, they were already looking better than ever. We floated both masks on a piece of foam core to add a little dimension, almost as if they were coming to life right before our eyes!


When the finished product made its way upstairs, I think we were all giddier than the kids who found these tucked inside their newspapers sixty years ago. We fall in love with everything you guys bring us. Sometimes it's hard to see them go!

Holidays at Foursided: Halloween

As All Hallows' Eve creeps closer and closer, Chicago's ghosts and ghouls are frantically scrambling about in preparation for October 31st. Foursided is everyone's favorite one-stop Halloween shop for the living... 
and the living dead. 

Want to throw the spookiest Halloween bash? Check out our wide variety of party supplies! We have everything from banners and paper fans to masks, napkins, and wart-nosed witch drink stirrers (it's true). 

Forgot to send your parents a card for their anniversary? Hey, it happens. Make up for it by wishing them a Happy Halloween! We've got you covered with a huge assortment of cards that will make anyone smile... and the hairs stand up on the back of their neck. 

From dangling devils to everyone's favorite underdog on the hit show "Stranger Things," Halloween home decor is in abundance here at Foursided. Fill your windows with our light up jack-o-lanterns, strategically place some skeletons on your porch, fill your home with the scent of "witches brew" and you'll be the talk of the town!

Lastly... don't forget about our vintage Halloween collection! You'll scream with delight (and horror) at some of these freaky finds. 


Abstract Framing

After many complex specialty orders, framing an oversize original piece of art can look deceptively simple. Artist Ian Schmidt ( created this stunning piece for our clients who smartly framed it with a preservation savvy, classic appeal.

The paper had some wear and micro-tears, with a lot of bubbling from the density of brushstrokes. It required careful handling and special mounting to flatten it out. We decided the piece didn't need the extra design element of a mat to extend or formalize it, but instead maintained the free flowing form of the original art.

We used acrylic on the piece in lieu of glass for safety reasons (acrylic is much lighter than glass on the wall and won't shatter if it falls). Also, acrylic can sit directly on top of the paint medium without harming it in most cases.

Completed with a simple matte black frame, this piece will make an eye-catching statement in any home. Gorgeous, no?

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