Ah, the smell of new erasers and clouds of chalk dust. Wait— do people still write things? Yes. The classy ones do. Get classy and write it down. On paper. With some pretty pens and pencils. You'll be surprised how delightful being old school can be! Here are a few of our favorite things we want for heading back to class this year. Even if your days of exams are in the past, this is the best time of year to spruce up your desk! Enjoy!

Pen & Pencil Orgy Case + Mechanical MAX Pencils | Foursided

Pen & Pencil Orgy Case $11.25 | Mechanical MAX Pencils- set of 4 $11.75

Numbers Planner + Mint Leather Planner | Foursided

2014 Numbers Planner $14.75 | 2014 Daily Planner in Mint Leather $35.25

Washi Tape + Japanese Writing Pads | Foursided

Washi tape in assorted colors, patterns, and widths $5-$14 | Japanese Premium Writing Paper Pads $11.75

7 Year Pen + Visual Arts Pencil Set | Foursided

The Seven Year Pen $8.25 | Visual Arts Pencil Set from Polite London $18

Vintage Flashcards | Foursided

Assorted vintage flashcards. Numbers, pictures, colors, and words. We've got thousands. Come dig!

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