Our Lady in Red

Final_YellowCanvas_webSometimes in the world of framing you need to take an extra step to get you where you need to go. In the case of our lady in red, she required a grand frame that was much too shallow for the existing canvas. Don't panic! There are always creative solutions to make the frame you have your heart set on work out. The best option in this case was to re-stretch the canvas on new, less deep stretcher bars or choose a frame with enough depth to fit the height of the original.

Angled_Crop_webOur client opted to re-stretch their bright yellow canvas so the two fit together like a puzzle piece. A perfect match! The lines of the original painting were perfectly matched by our professionals (don't try that at home).

Splice_Yello_webAnd isn't she lovely... aaah. So many song lyrics could work here.

An Artistic Showcase by Todd Mack

Header_Blog_ToddMack_web Join us for a showcase of new work by Foursided founder, creator, imaginator: Todd Mack. Don't miss the chance to get inspired by unique original collage art coupled with innovative framing. You will leave with a guaranteed case of  "Holy smokes, how'd he do that?!" and perhaps some one-of-a-kind new artwork for your home.ToddMack_Ruler_web Stunning Chicago-centric piece by Todd Mack made from the ground up with vintage rulers and raw creativity. See it at the show!Todd_Mack_Here-web We love here, we love there, we love Chicago everywhere! Vintage road map reclaimed!ToddMack_Antiques_web The star of the show and classic Todd Mack[/caption] Join us, and the rest of Andersonville for the Night of 100 pARTies on October 10th, 2014 for booze, treats, and art by Foursided founder, Todd Mack. @ Foursided Aville, 6-10pm. 5061 N Clark. You don't want to be the only one not there! See more of Todd Mack's work here.