For centuries humans have sought the council of the cards. Whether to find closure, guidance, fortune, or understanding, the Tarot has been one of the long standing tools used by those with the "second sight"—an ability to divine the future.

A Brief History                             

The earliest ancestor to the Tarot can be traced back to Italy in the late 14th century. Prior to the printing press, artists in Europe created the first playing cards for wealthy families—each card a miniature piece of art.

They featured four different suits:  Wands, Discs/Coins, Cups, and Swords. After a decade or two of popularity, the artists began to improve upon the game, adding additional cards to each suit that were extremely detailed. Called 'Triumph' cards (Major Arcana), these miniature paintings usually featured the faces and images of the wealthy family who commissioned them.  Due to the expense of creating these decks of cards, their popularity stayed within the upper class until the arrival of the printing press.

In the late 16th, early 17th century, these cards began to take on their more common popularity as tools for divination across Italy and France, though in a much simpler version than we use them now.

A French occultist, Jean-Baptise Alliette published the first definitive guide to tarot card reading and the first official Tarot card deck under the pseudonym, Etteilla. He was the first to give meaning to each of the cards, incorporating beliefs about astronomy and the four elements. He established a specific order and spread to the cards, both frontwards and backwards—a system still used today. Etteilla was the first professional Cartomancer (card reader). 

Occultism and Spiritualism had become popular pastimes for upper class families by the end of the Victorian era. It was common to attend a house party and find a séance taking place, or someone reading palms and tea leaves in the corner of some dark room.

Your Turn                                 

Among your curious collection you've found a thin, black envelope. The crest sealing it shut has the image of a skull—is this a warning, or an invitation? As you break the seal to take a peak inside you notice the air go still. The light in the room seems to flicker. From behind you there comes the feeling that you're no longer the only one in the room.

Quick! Grab the candle, give it a light. White candles are revered for keeping the spirit world at bay—letting only pure souls speak while divining.

The satchel of crystals should be kept close, their energy pulses as you tip-toe into the otherworld.

Thought to drive out any ill-wish or evil spirit, lighting the bundle of sage and letting it douse to just a gentle stream of smoke which you waft around the room to cleanse the space  ( tip: when using sage for a full home cleansing, always start from the back and work your way forward, towards the front door of your home. Make sure to get every doorway, closet, nook and cranny. Extinguish your sage outside your front door, making sure to let any ill-spirit or wish outside where it will stay )

Keep your skeleton key close, the door to the other side may be locked and this will guide you through this magical realm.

Now, pull out your cards thinking about what you want to know. Hold this thought in your heart as you shuffle the cards.

Lay out your cards in the order as seen on our FOURSIDED Tarot Reading guide.

The first card connects to your PAST.

The second card connects to your PRESENT.

The third card predicts your FUTURE.

The fourth card ties to the OUTCOME of the thing you wanted to know.


The Meaning Of Your Cards*                              


Represent ideas and innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit. They are often related to your career or your sense of purpose in the world, but because of their connection to charm and desire, they can deliver strong love guidance, too.


Unlock this DOOR to discover what your specific WAND card means.



Associated with conflict and strife -- both external and internal. These cards cut to the heart of a matter, revealing challenges such as illness, heartbreak, war, loss, and death. But they can also reveal truths we need to face in order to overcome obstacles and move forward, which is ultimately a positive thing.

Unlock this DOOR to discover what your specific SWORD card means.



Connected to our emotions, our relationships, and matters of the soul. When a Cups card comes up in your Tarot reading, pay attention to your dreams, your heart, and your intuitions. From great joy to immense grief, the Cups cards reveal how we truly feel -- and how others feel about us.

Unlock this DOOR to discover what your specific CUP card means.



Sometimes referred to as "Coins", these pertain to things in the material and physical world. Often Pentacles are mistaken as only symbols of wealth and money matters. But in truth they speak of success and prosperity on all levels. This includes money and career success, but also family, body, and health matters. It’s typically an indicator that something in your material world needs attention. This can be positive (such as a successful business transaction or a large inheritance) or negative (such as health troubles or obstacles in the way of your success). This suit also represents your personal values -- the things you love, are attracted to, and collect around yourself. The theme of prosperity is not limited to only a financial experience. Even the poorest person can be enriched and increased by the experience of a golden moment, contact with goodness, or beauty -- all parts of the Pentacles suit.

Unlock this DOOR to discover what your specific PENTACLE card means.



Remember, only you can decide if these cards truly divine your fate. A wrong turn, a chance encounter, a happy find, all of these can change your trajectory. Tarot cards read things as they are and as they CAN be, not as they WILL be. If you don't like your fate, change it. Reflect on your reading and see what you can embrace or what you can work on.

Make sure to thank the spirits as you place your cards back into the black envelope. Let the spiced sent of the locally made Edgewater Candle warm your home with it's delicious notes of apple -- a symbol knowledge, wisdom, and love.


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This mystery box experience was so fun and such a cool surprise to get to read tarot cards as well!

There is a missing category of cards (Major Arcana) so it would be helpful if that is listed with a link as well so those that received those cards can read about them too!


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