On the last episode of QUARANTINE TALES: BEATING BOREDOM, Todd was binging Netflix, Maribeth was reflecting, and Allie was listening to Steely Dan...

The 2020 Olympics have been replaced by a worldwide phenomenon called, Social Distancing (the introverted cousin of the Long Distance Run). For extroverts everywhere, this is a painful and stressful pastimebut for the patient introverts, whose many years of avoiding crowds and perfecting the art of replying 'MAYBE' to social events they know they will never attend, this is their time to shine.

SO what are you doing to pass the time in your cozy quarantine?

To provide you with some ideas, we asked our Foursided staff:

What are the shows, projects, and activities getting you through these uncertain times?

Melanie Plank - General Manager + Lead Buyer

I have been organizing my desk area and re-imagining everything. I decided to take down everything that was on my cork board to start fresh.

Feels like a good time to invite new inspirations and plant new seeds.

I’ve also been trying to finally read my library books (eee!)

Highly recommend Why We Sleep. Did you know that early humans used to sleep in groups and in shifts for safety purposes? Some of us are descendants of Night Owls and some of us are descendants of Morning Larks. Some of our sleeping habits can be explained by this history!

Quarantine feels like a great time to pay attention to and respect your body’s natural patterns. 


**It should also be noted that Mel is an INCREDIBLE artist, her LA CROIX art is one of our BEST SELLERS, along with numerous other prints of hers**

* * * *


I have been restoring a knapsack that is "Civil War army surplus."

It is period but not used in battle (no markings). When I got it, it had been stuffed with newspapers from Philiadelphia, dated 1964 (probably to maintain the shape).

The material of the bag, it's extremely bustedso as someone with a great appreciation for that period, it is a personal project to do what I can for itsalvage a piece of history.

There was a guy from New York that bought up a lot of military gear after the Civil War and turned this into an army surplus business. The company was called Bannerman's. Pretty cool huh? 

Right now I am consolidating the leather areas. Then I am going to humidify it to get the flat parts flatter. After that I will mend the tears and maybe make some fills for where the canvas is missing.

**Trust us, if she's this meticulous with a personal project, just imagine what she can do with your custom framing projects!**
* * * *
Foursided Andersonville

As we go through this crazy and confusing time, I have been trying to keep myself busy in the house—but am also making sure to watch copious amounts of reality television 'til the wee hours of the morning.

I have spent most of my time so far doing some spring cleaning—a lovely suggestion from a neighbor.

I’ve also been cooking plenty of food, taking care of my loving plant friends, and reading some good ol’ tarot.

It’s a rough time for all of us and no one knows exactly what comes next, so the best we can do is to support each other (from a distance) and keep our heads up. :)

Missing my Foursided staff dearly!

Justine's Plant

 * * * * 



I am a serious homebody, and I have the interest and hobbies of a grandmotherso I have been feeling quite productive during this lockdown! 

I've been knitting and crocheting like the wind, finishing up several projects that I haven't had time to complete. I've also been learning a new craft: punch needle embroidery! It involves a special needle and yarn or thread punched through fabric to create loops. It's pretty fun, you can essentially draw with thread! 

Meanwhile I've been binging some of my favorite TV shows and movies, namely The X Files and Twin Peaks! I find that horror movies and spooky TV shows are oddly comforting. Some of my favorites at the moment are Hereditary, The Shining, Secret Window, The Others, Rosemary's BabyThe VVitch, and Suspiria (both the original and the remake).

Scary movies, in a weird way, really help me stay sane. 

My husband and I have also taken this opportunity to start our long-planned podcast where we discuss horror topics with people that claim to be scaredy cats! It's a fun way to still reach out and have conversations with our friends without actually being in contact with any of them. 

I know this self-isolation isn't what anyone wants right now, but it is a small price to pay for the health and safety of our community. I think making sure to stay productive during this unplanned staycation is a great way to keep your brain active and keep from going too stir crazy.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, amirite? 

* * * *

So...how are YOU spending your time?

Send us your quarantine tales and tips to pass the time and we might feature you in our next blog!

Email us at customerservice@foursided.com

No matter how you spend your time in quarantine, everyone at Foursided hopes you’re staying safe, healthy and happy!

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