In this time of quarantine and social distancing it can be difficult to know how to fill your days beyond mindlessly scrolling through Instagram...unless you're admiring our page @foursidedchicago, then it's totally acceptable. And you can only sit around in that workout gear pretending you're going to work out for so long...

So to provide you with some ideas, we asked our Foursided staff:

What are the shows, projects, and activities getting you through these uncertain times?

Todd Mack — Owner and Proprietor

I'm binging multiple, different things on Netflix:

Bloodride: It’s a horror series, very entertaining. Each episode is different so it doesn't matter where you start. I'm begging for season two. Gory—expect blood. 

The Hunters: I'm on episode 3 and I can't watch more because my partner, who works 24/7, won't let me proceed with the series without him. It's a story/series about Jewish holocaust survivors seeking out revenge on war criminals from WWII. It's delightful, frightening, and sometimes funny. Expect violence. 

Versailles: I've finished it! I'm an anglophile at heart even though this is a series set in France, all the actors sport English accents—It's delicious. Expect sexy actors, wigs beyond your imagination, unspeakable horrors, sex scenes, and multiple scenes that just do not comply with today's world. 

Oh, and last but not least... The Morning Show. I just finished. It was like watching Gone with the Wind twice in one day. But very worth it. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon deliver the goods along with Steve Carell—it's a roller coaster of life in the world of big media in New York City...I can’t imagine keeping up the pace they do on this show. It’s also delves deep in the #MeToo movement, parts shocking. The treachery of men!


Allie Rubin — Manager + Buyer
Foursided Andersonville

As a natural introvert and a person who enjoys constantly eating snacks, I generally love spending time at home.

My cat and I have been tackling a wine-themed murder mystery puzzle called Foul Play and Cabernetalthough she mostly likes to kick the pieces around while I try to rescue them: bonus cardio!

I’ve also been binging old seasons of Survivor, one of my favorite shows. It's especially nice right now to imagine what it would feel like to be on a tropical beach, eating coconuts and being duplicitous—instead of being trapped inside, where I can do very little scheming.

Finally, I’ve been tackling some bigger projects, like redoing one of my gallery walls (pictured below), trying to finish some books (currently The Overstory by Richard Powers), and playing Steely Dan on my record player while I drink my morning coffee, secure in the knowledge that no one is around to make fun of me for listening to Steely Dan**.

**let it be known that Ray—who is proofing and posting this blog—did indeed laugh at Allie for loving Steely Dan**


Maribeth Brewer — Manager + Buyer
Foursided Andersonville

This week I've been taking time to introduce newly acquired thrift store finds to my existing collection.

It was nice to have a moment to recall where each object came from—the matchbox from a trip to Amsterdam, a carved soapstone container from my time in Kenya, the lidded glass box from my mother.

As we all hunker down, it's important to be surrounded by the things we love and make us happy. are YOU spending your time?
Send us your quarantine tales and tips to pass the time and we might feature you!

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No matter how you spend your time in quarantine, everyone at Foursided hopes you’re staying safe, healthy and happy!

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