On the last episode of QUARANTINE TALES : BEATING BOREDOM, Mel was studying sleeping habits, Carla was reviving a Civil War ghost, Justine was channeling reality show stars with her Tarot, and Mikaela was living her introverted dreams.

But what else has happened since PART TWO? Prince Charles got Covid19 but don't you worry America, we've got our national treasure under lock and key--Betty White announced she's safe and healthy (PHEW).

The government announced we're in this at least until April 30th...so in the words of one, Justin Timberlake, the next time we see you "it's gonna be MAY"

(...I'm not even sorry I made that joke...)


To provide you with some ideas, we asked our Foursided staff:

What are the shows, projects, and activities getting you through these uncertain times?

Foursided Card + Gift Lakeview

Things I'm Doing From Home To Keep My Sanity:
Enjoying time with my live-in partner and my cats. I'm learning a lot about all 3 of them. While we've come up with plenty to do together, such as playing Catsketball (aka throwing balls into a trash can while my cats try to intercept them), Scrabble, watching tv of course (RuPaul's Drag Race and 30 Rock reruns for the win), cooking, etc. etc.

We also have our own designated spaces in the apartment to work or read or do our own separate hobbies.

I'm almost finished with Jenny Slate's book Little Weirds which is one of the most comforting books I've ever read in my life. My partner is reading through his 100s of comic books. 

Painting, drawing, and embroidery are my comfort as well, especially now.
If anyone wants to contribute, an open-call zine, Made Alone Together, is compiling art being made in isolation. Submissions due April 18th (email to hello@goodwordspress.com) and proceeds go to a non-profit supporting freelancers and artists in need! Go to @breakfastswerved or @goodwordspress on Instagram for details 

Keeping in touch with my friends and family from afar. Phones are great. 
Taking a little walk outside (away from others) when I really need some fresh air.
Cleaning my apartment as if some VERY important guests were coming over. Every nook and cranny. 

Random dance parties. Most recent song we've danced to - Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. Exercise is important. 

Checking in on work - answering customer emails, fulfilling gift card orders, checking in with vendors.

I love my job and it's sad that we're closed, but I will do what I can while we are. 

* * *

Foursided Card + Gift Lakeview

My time in quarantine so far has been a about alleviating stress and health anxiety — very tricky to do for a news junkie in the midst of a global pandemic.

I’ve been feeling sick for the past few days and, due to current current circumstances, told by doctors and the Department of Public Health that they couldn’t really do much for me. Because one of my symptoms is consistent with COVID-19, I was asked not to go to the doctors office, but because my symptoms are not similar enough to COVID-19,  I cannot be tested for it. I was instructed to stay home and ride it out.

Needless to say, it’s an incredibly scary time to be feeling under the weather, but I’m also very lucky to have the ability to stay home and follow health department instruction while our stores are closed.

To pass the time where I’m not sleeping and hydrating, I’ve taken the approach of cutting myself off from news and coronavirus-related media as much as possible

I’ve been working my way through the Alison Roman “Dining In” cookbook I was given for Christmas (can’t wait to purchase her “Nothing Fancy” cookbook at Foursided when we’re open again!).
I’ve also filled the time with anti-stress media to turn my brain off to. My recommendations are as follows:

Podcasts: “Who? Weekly”“Las Culturistas”“You Must Remember This”
TV: “Everything’s Going To Be Okay” (Hulu) “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (Hulu) “Love is Blind” (Netflix)

I also highly recommend having a partner who reads the news for you and talks you down when you’re convinced you absolutely have coronavirus.

* * *

Foursided Card+Gift Lakeview

I’m spending this time watching a ton of movies and pushing through my to-read pile. On one day I did a marathon of a bunch of moody Robert Altman movies but the next day I binged Tiger King. Balance is everything. I’ve also been cooking more in the last two weeks than the last two years! 

When I start to get antsy, I try to take my cues from my cat/quarantine-mates Rigamarole and Malarkey. They’re both really good at staying home and taking it easy. 
With all this time to look at art and thinking about how it enriches our days, I’m also inspired to be working on my own. I’m making time for painting and drawing every day and scheming lots of big projects for the future. 

* * * *

So...how are YOU spending your time?

Send us your quarantine tales and tips to pass the time and we might feature you in our next blog!

Email us at customerservice@foursided.com

No matter how you spend your time in quarantine, everyone at Foursided hopes you’re staying safe, healthy and happy!

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