Here in Chicago, Spring is a funny season. Often characterized by people in shorts and sandals walking alongside others in parkas, flowers blooming adjacent to stubborn un-melted snow piles, and moments of warm sun on your face before you're hit with a bone-chilling gust of wind. Some years you could blink and miss it.

Almost always, we'll have a few gorgeous, warm days in March that the more pessimistic among us may refer to as a "Fool's Spring", suggesting more cold weather is waiting around the corner. To them I say, don't rain (or snow) on my parade!  After an even more claustrophobic winter than usual — that seasonal depression just hits different during a global pandemic — I will be making like Sheryl Crow and soaking up every bit of sun I can get.

This box was designed to help you embrace a sunnier outlook this season. Spring is a state of mind after all! For those days ahead that, yes, may bring us more cold & snow, we fill our homes with plants & flowers! Flowers make great friends (good listeners) and reminders that summer is around the corner.

So let's get growing! 

You've got your seeds and your tiny pot, now what?

1. Get some soil! Sow seeds in specific seed-starting mix or potting soil available at garden centers.

2. Time to plant! Plant your matchstick tip first in soil

3. Water well! Make sure to use room temperature water so as not to shock your seeds. Try to keep your soil consistently moist without going overboard (water should never pool and soil shouldn't look soggy). Don't let your seedlings dry out! Putting some plastic wrap over the pot you're growing them in can help, creating a little greenhouse effect. Just make sure to remove the plastic once the seeds have germinated.

4. Let the sun shine! Make sure the temperature is at least 60ºF with bright sunlight to ensure best results. While it's still chilly outside, your seedlings may not be able to live right next to a window.

Good luck growing! 

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