At Foursided we love to work with bold, in-your-face graphics! When Ivan and Jennifer brought in a large art print of Masterpiece by iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, we knew we wanted to have some fun with it. Ivan got the print from the Art Institute when they hosted the traveling Lichtenstein retrospective back in 2012. He knew it was time to get it framed when Jennifer revealed on a recent date to the Art Institute how much she loves the artist.

Initially they explored a very simple frame design consisting of a basic matte black frame and no mat, however once we pulled some other frame samples with mats out for her, it became clear how much matting combined with the perfect frame can really dial up the final presentation.

Once they saw that we had a mat that closely matched the blue in the image, it was meant to be. In the end, the bold, blue mat combined with a stark, glossy white frame highlighted the modern, comic-book style elements of the work, making it POP!  

Deciding on mat size is a combination of instinct, intent and intensity. Every piece of art has a unique solution that we'll explore all day for the best solution. This is the fun of framing. The perfect mat size for this turned out to be a classic 2 inches. Any wider and it would have started to overshadow and compete with the art. We landed the plane by installing the encapsulated mat, glass, art and backing into our custom glossy, flawless white frame.

The finished work, with it's vivid primary colors, shows how even if a work is already vibrant, the frame job can be vibrant too! Together, this piece is giving us some seriously bold vibes and satisfying our love for art and comic books! Ahhhh...and the framing too!     

Framing or displaying the artist that you connect with is a complement to your individuality, creativity, and growth as a human. It tells onlookers, 'Hey, I'm more than what meets the eye. I'm a thoughtful and artistic being'. ...Or you could simply staple gun Monet's 'Water Lilies' to your wall and call it a day. We've done that, too. 

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