Final_YellowCanvas_webSometimes in the world of framing you need to take an extra step to get you where you need to go. In the case of our lady in red, she required a grand frame that was much too shallow for the existing canvas. Don't panic! There are always creative solutions to make the frame you have your heart set on work out. The best option in this case was to re-stretch the canvas on new, less deep stretcher bars or choose a frame with enough depth to fit the height of the original.

Angled_Crop_webOur client opted to re-stretch their bright yellow canvas so the two fit together like a puzzle piece. A perfect match! The lines of the original painting were perfectly matched by our professionals (don't try that at home).

Splice_Yello_webAnd isn't she lovely... aaah. So many song lyrics could work here.

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