1918 - 6 Mathieu Lauweriks

Another show-stopping framing project at Foursided! Have you ever heard of Wendingen Magazine? If not, it is about time you did! Wendingen (meaning 'turnings' or 'changes') was an art magazine aimed at architects and interior designers that appeared from 1918 to 1932. The booklet was published by Amsterdam publisher Hooge Brug. Way before its time in style and striking typography, Wendingen initially was an important platform for Dutch expressionism.

116 extremely progressive issues were published featuring specials on Gustav Klimt, Diego Rivera, Erich Mendelsohn, Frank Lloyd Wright and also focusing on various art forms including architecture, interior design, sculpture, ceramics, graphic arts, theatre, dance and even natural phenomena such as shells and crystals. Looking at these distinct covers, you would never know they were developed so early.

Our clever client scouted these two gorgeous original issues on his trip to Amsterdam and tasked Foursided with framing them whole. If you've seen our step-by-step process blog you probably know that the majority of cases require removing the cover from a booklet to frame it and secure it down.

But this time, we used complex techniques and framing secrets to attach the booklet without harming or permanently affixing it. The matboard is built up substantially underneath to keep the glass off the booklet cover and protect it. Two matching, clean and classic wood frames finish the pieces off in style.

1929 - 3 Diego Rivera

You can see the awesome shadowbox environment created with this treatment. It would fit flawlessly next to other works at any Modern Art Museum...or in your living room!

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