Not every project is a multi-piece, plateau mount, complex endeavor. Sometimes the design challenge lies in finding the perfect frame for a clean and classic work of art. Such as? This print by notable cartoonist/illustrator Chris Ware (of our local Chicago) is the perfect example!

A few inches of vivid white mat gives the piece some room to ‘breathe’ and also some formality in the frame. A little bit of dressy mat can make all the difference in turning a print into finished art.

See our nifty framers affixing the mat to an acid-free foamcore backing board. Always wonder why that foamcore piece exists? You can see here how it supports the artwork from behind.

A piece like this is very forgiving when dealing with frame choices. A simple black or clean white frame would compliment it nicely. However, the warm grey wood frame the customer elected to use keeps it contemporary, but with an eclectic edge. Each piece deserves something special.

So, so sleek!

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