Crafterall_Foursided_web1Yet another amazing shadowbox piece happening at Foursided! But this time by talented papercut artist Crafterall. This piece was an order from a client who special ordered her map from Crafterall with small floating paper hearts to mark important locations. Ah! So cute!!

Crafterall_Foursided_web3This original layered paper cut piece features the topographic and bathymetric details of New Zealand. We wanted to highlight the fresh colors and depth of the piece with a more understated white color scheme. Including teeny tiny walls built inside the frame for the ultimate treasure box finish!

Crafterall_Foursided_web2This is a great way to showcase a piece that has a little depth in it. Foursided framers can also achieve a similar feeling by building up or plateau mounting a simple postcard or photo into a shadowbox. Also an excellent gift idea for that anniversary that is around the corner! Aren't you glad we're here to remind you?

Crafterall_Foursided_web5Whammy! What a looker.

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Yeehaw! What a beautiful framing job. Thanks so much for shining the spotlight on my work!


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