Almost daily we have clients walk-in with larger-than-life pieces to frame. Movie posters, blueprints or photographs, oversize pieces are an ongoing phenomenon and have a slew of specialty options that follow.

MonAmour_web What constitutes oversize you ask? Every piece is unique, but typically once the length or width of a piece exceeds 40 inches you have wandered into oversize territory. Our client brought in this stunning movie poster for Hiroshima Mon Amour (Director Alain Resnais). He opted for a soft charcoal wooden frame with enough weight to support the size of the piece.

splice_web Additionally, the use of plexi-glass instead of standard clear glass can make the piece lighter on the wall and also help with the safety factor. A large piece of regular glass on the wall is much more of a hazard than plexi which will scratch, but not smash into pieces. The other essential piece of info regards the drymount process. You may remember that a drymount is a heat fusing adhesive on a foam core backing to the material. This keeps the piece supported from bubbling/buckling and protects it from exposure to the elements over time. Occasionally larger dry mounted pieces require oversize material to be special ordered.

Framed_web Now you are in the know about oversize framing! Don't be afraid to tackle framing that giant quilt you just finished sewing, you are always in good hands with the right framers (that means Foursided b%*tch!).

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