We like to get creative with framed display pieces at Foursided. This gallery piece is a true labor of love created from a vintage book page. Our dedicated framer sliced and diced each historical image and pieced them back together again for this spectacular effect.

BookCover_webIn framing lingo this process is called a plateau mount (or a whole bunch of plateau mounts in this case) where each piece is separately mounted to foam core to create a floating illusion. We can do this on your piece too with photos and the like for a elevated finish!

closeup2_webOur framer puzzle pieced the images back together with super precision. Bet you wish you thought of it first... Yet another, oh so popular, linen mat backdrops the images. A lovely sepia tone with a silk weave, this mat compliments the aged appeal of the photographs.

close-up_webSpacers (typically clear) keep the glass from touching the image and add room for the foam-core build-up that we've created behind each image. That is the secret behind the dramatic resulting drop shadow from any angle.

SpeedyFramed_webHave an article or book page that wants to be forever preserved? Foursided can create this one-of-a-kind effect for you and more with any oddball keepsakes


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