The Industrial trend is sweeping the world of interior design by way of lighting fixtures, furniture, decorative hardware and framing right alongside. This rustic, gritty look has made its way onto our frame sample walls as well! You've all seen the barnwood and distressed frame finishes that are currently all the rage, but this Industrial Vibe is in a league all its own:

We found the perfect example of how to add some 'edge' to an otherwise formal framing piece. This French Laundry menu and decorative clothespin combo could have easily gone traditional in a black frame. We took a bold step in order to achieve a truly eye-catching piece for a stylish client.

The frame is wood, but mimics a rusty, antique metal with grommet detailing.  A coarse, linen mat ties all the elements together for raw sophistication. Inspired much?? Me too... 

Andersonville Sidewalk Sale Time!

OMG! It's Andersonville Sidewalk Sale time!!Join us for all kinds of hoarder's delight over the weekend. We'll set up shop out on the sidewalk along with lots of other Andersonville spots. We've spent a good chunk of our summer combing through goodies from all three of our store locations— you won't want to miss this one! Check out the deets here. swedish-american-museum-chicago-201407062003-14.881 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for updates and peeks at some of our finds! See ya at 10am Saturday morning!


Is it Catching? We Hope So...

Super eye-catching! One of our frequent customers, and apparent germaphile, recently blew in with some very unique embroidery. That's right I said embroidery, or more accurately cross-stitched bacteria. Adorable? You tell me.

Here's hoping this kind of creative framing is contagious...

Pictured above the framer measures out space and alignment for each embroidery hoop to gauge the perfect placement. During the consultation, they arranged everything from order of the hoops by color and content, to the best mat color for the piece.

Look at those micro beauties! Who knew Salmonella could be so darn cute?