Foursided and Twosided are in love again- with a bevy of charming valentines!

Stop by and grab messages of love for those near and dear to you and send your love across the miles, no matter how far away they may be! We have oodles of amazing new cards this year! New comers Sapling Press from Pittsburg, PA, have swept us off of our feet with their witty one-liners. We couldn't choose just one, they're that good.
I Love You Like... // Sapling Press // $5.50
Mmmm... deliciously deep letter press...
We Go Together Like // Sapling Press // $5.50

Local stationer Ravensgoods is back at it again with their charmingly quaint notebook cards. They make us want to puke a little. But, only because we love them so.

Notebook Valentines // Ravensgoods // $3.75 

We are loving the honesty from Oddball Press along with the amazing ornamental envelopes. Express your love the only true way with violence, gifts, and the occasional dinosaur. Who needs flowers?

 Awaiting Gifts & Love Punch // Oddball Press // $5.75
Extinct Love // Oddball Press // $5.75

Love is in the cards from Smock. These bright letter pressed cards have adorable coordinating patterns on the envelopes. It's true.

Lobster 'n' Butter & Beer 'n' Lime // Smock. // $4.25

These retro inspired cards from Hello Lucky are the bee's knees. They make us want to talk in corny puns all day. Because we choo-choo-choooose too. [Insert picture of train here.]

Retro Inspired Valentines // Hello Lucky // $5.25
S + P // Hello Lucky // $5.25

If subtlety isn't your cup of tea, we've got you covered. This one is sure to do the trick. If they say no the first time, there's always the inside and the back which ask the same question. Third time's the charm!

Wanna Do It? // Sapling Press // $5.50
Stop by and check out the rest of our treasures before they're all gone... they're moving fast! Watch for our next post with more Valentines goodies.

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