We had an exciting new custom project this week that we were itching to share. We had so much fun with this project we decided it was a great opportunity to share how much work goes into a specialty piece of this nature.

This lovely client came to us with tons and tons of Playbills that they have been collecting from all of the broadway shows they have seen. We decided to take that collection and make a wonderful way for them to remember their favorites. There are three pieces total, each with nine playbill covers. Now they've got a truly personal collection of art— and a killer conversation starter!

Watch the master measuring and cutting 9 windows into the white matbaord, and hand cutting the corners for a perfectly square result. Next he removes the covers from each playbill with a razor (for professionals only) and heat tacks the covers in their ideal positions. Perfection is key!

Machinery Fun! Setting the mat aside for the moment and into the giant vacuum press it goes!

Using framing adhesive tape, the mat gets tacked down with meticulous placement and  excess foam core backing is trimmed off to meet exact dimensions.

Dust if off! We don't want a single speck underneath the glass. VERY important step!

Coming right along. Sealing the mat and backing together after everything is clean and pristine.

Final tweaks and the UV protective glass goes on!

Stapling the piece into the frame...

Et voilà! A stunning, theatrical custom piece is born!

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I’d love a price quote on a framing of playbills for 12 playbills in one frame


Hi I love your Playbill frame !
Can you quote me a price for 9 and also 12 ? Thanks a lot !

Cat McGehee

Hey, that playbill framing is exceptional. I have an idea for something similar. Any chance you know where I can get some playbills?

Shaz Mansha


I noticed your company had made a Playbill frame: http://foursided.com/blogs/foursided/18194269-the-custom-framing-process-a-playbill-extravaganza .

I was wondering if I could have that same project done with my Playbills and the cost.

I can be reached by email or phone (954) 249-5999.


Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon

Awesome!! I would love to have my playbills framed like this!

Jenn Desk

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