Making Life Murray

This time Foursided is framing a larger-than-life painting of Bill Murray in acrylics and charcoal on canvas. For those Bill Murray lovers and otherwise, this piece will make you do a double take!

Love it as much as we do? This piece is by Harriette Thomas and her website has other original, large scale paintings available including one drool-worthy portrait of Frida Kahlo.

A canvas piece like this could definitely be stretched, but this painting had interesting organic edges that the customer opted to show by floating it on top of a white mat instead.

Foursided kept true to the artist's aesthetic with the float technique and a monochrome frame and mat. The white frame has a shiny, lacquer finish that gives it a little something extra plus modern flair.

Another oversize piece checked off our list!

All That Glitters...

How stunning is this custom-made canvas? The image was printed and sent off to a professional to be beaded by hand with Swarovski crystals and glass beads. After the piece was finished, it was brought in to Foursided on Broadway for custom framing.

The first step was to stretch the canvas in the traditional manner over stretcher bars which required particular dexterity considering all the tiny beads and threads that cannot be caught or disturbed.

 Check out the amazing detail on this beading!

So sparkly!

After being stretched carefully and perfectly lined up, it was time for the piece to be fit into the final frame. This piece called for a frame with equally decadent qualities. Our customer and frame designer choose this ebony, ornate frame to complement it nicely.

The finished product is breathtaking.

Our Lady in Red

Final_YellowCanvas_webSometimes in the world of framing you need to take an extra step to get you where you need to go. In the case of our lady in red, she required a grand frame that was much too shallow for the existing canvas. Don't panic! There are always creative solutions to make the frame you have your heart set on work out. The best option in this case was to re-stretch the canvas on new, less deep stretcher bars or choose a frame with enough depth to fit the height of the original.

Angled_Crop_webOur client opted to re-stretch their bright yellow canvas so the two fit together like a puzzle piece. A perfect match! The lines of the original painting were perfectly matched by our professionals (don't try that at home).

Splice_Yello_webAnd isn't she lovely... aaah. So many song lyrics could work here.