Oh! Sign of the Times...

As you may have guessed, we've got some super talented staff working at our Foursided & Twosided store locations! We couldn't resist snapping some shots of framer and illustrator extraordinaire Elena working up signage for the 2939 N. Broadway location. This lady has wicked skills!

Signage_working_webYou've got to admire her handiwork with pencils, pens, paint on matboard and all by hand!

Signage_splice_webHere she puts the finishing touches and painted edges on this stunning sign that reads: "Explore Your Options! Ask us about Custom Framing."

wall_signage_webThe frame wall never looked so good!

sidewalk-sign_webJust wait until our sidewalk sign is finished...

Is it Catching? We Hope So...

Super eye-catching! One of our frequent customers, and apparent germaphile, recently blew in with some very unique embroidery. That's right I said embroidery, or more accurately cross-stitched bacteria. Adorable? You tell me.

Here's hoping this kind of creative framing is contagious...

Pictured above the framer measures out space and alignment for each embroidery hoop to gauge the perfect placement. During the consultation, they arranged everything from order of the hoops by color and content, to the best mat color for the piece.

Look at those micro beauties! Who knew Salmonella could be so darn cute?

Framing Up a Gilded Ketubah

Many a ketubah has crossed our path at Foursided. There are some beautiful customized designs, but this one in particular stood out to us. The ornate detail on the outer-most-edge is a paper cutout design which we highlighted by floating atop a marigold matboard. The ketubah itself contains gold leaf detail and intricate illustration. We echoed the detail in the frame itself by using a gold fillet and a dark walnut frame to accentuate the bold colors. Stunning, no?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a ketubah is a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement. Traditionally, it outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride. Today, the standard ketubah is a printed form which has blanks for the date, the names of the married parties and witnesses.

Couples frequent Foursided on a joint mission to find the perfect, meaningful frame to fit their piece. Our team of framers is here to help you out too! You've got one important decision down, we'll help with the real tough mat colors!