As a last hurrah for 2011, we made a road trip on New Year's Eve to find some great new items for 2012. We had our heart set on filling our car with antique and vintage frames, those dusty, yet full of character, charming frames that Foursided's customers have come to love. This is our first installment of our road trip, which catalogues a few of the additions we made to our truck throughout the day. It ended up being an exciting day, because not only did we find a bunch of cool old frames that we'll recycle into your framing projects, but we also found a whole bunch of other interesting things that you'll soon see in our Lakeview and Andersonville stores. We also met a few of our favorite antique dealers, who it is always a pleasure for us to work with, and who we will share a bit more about in a future post.    


Our next blog installment will provide you a glimpse into some of our newest finds. Watch for updates!

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