The Force Awakens

Our customer snagged this original Star Wars poster for The Empire Strikes back!

The piece had been folded up for a long period of time, so we had to embrace the paper creases as a part of the total presentation. Sometimes creases can add an aged detail that enhance the finished look.

We used an acid free mounting process to preserve the integrity and lifespan of the poster. We also selected a silver frame with a slight orange tint and distressed, matte finish. Jealous much??

All That Glitters...

How stunning is this custom-made canvas? The image was printed and sent off to a professional to be beaded by hand with Swarovski crystals and glass beads. After the piece was finished, it was brought in to Foursided on Broadway for custom framing.

The first step was to stretch the canvas in the traditional manner over stretcher bars which required particular dexterity considering all the tiny beads and threads that cannot be caught or disturbed.

 Check out the amazing detail on this beading!

So sparkly!

After being stretched carefully and perfectly lined up, it was time for the piece to be fit into the final frame. This piece called for a frame with equally decadent qualities. Our customer and frame designer choose this ebony, ornate frame to complement it nicely.

The finished product is breathtaking.