We hereby proclaim the 
completion of our Holiday Horde!
IT'S DONE Y'ALL !!!!!!!
Here are some samples to wet your whistle:
Let's start with the ever popular "food" category.  
Glittered ceramic hot dogs, hamburgers, pickles, blueberry pie, margaritas, hot peppers, martinis, pizza...etc..etc...etc
Next up is our A#1 most popular ornament:
Hand Blown Chicago Ornament
HUGE selection of true vintage and vintage style tree jewelry
New this year for the musician in your life...
Several metric tons of shiny things.
And we of course still have the widest variety of coolness for the gift giver in you.
We'd love to post every single, amazing ornament we have but we got shit to do.
We haven't even started taking the photos of the Holiday cards we carry.
  They are many and they are awesome.

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