The Softer Side of Framing

There is a more serious side to framing that we often encounter at Foursided but you won't often see in the blogs and social media. Memorials and keepsakes are an important aspect of framing. Taking the time to frame your keepsakes or photographs can do more than spice up your walls, but also bring someone encouragement and comfort.

One of our customers was greatly affected by the tragic loss of great actor and inspiration: Robin Williams. In this piece we memorialized a playbill from Rajiv Joseph's play Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo starring Robin Williams and signed in his own hand. The playbill is now more precious than ever and we wanted to make sure it had a frame and finish worthy of the memory.

The playbill was hinged to a white matboard background for a clean, unassuming finish that would let the piece breathe. Floating a piece in this fashion is one of the few cases where a small amount of mat border is preferable. The entire playbill was kept in tact with all its pages in a similar fashion to the Wendigen Framing pieces and maintained its delicate demeanor.

Pictured above: our Foursided framer builds petite walls with the white matboard to create a shadowbox feel but not overwhelm the piece. A simple gold frame with slight, ornate finishes lends a formality and respect to the finished product. It truly is a stunning remembrance now forever preserved.

Pet Memorial Project

It’s always hard to let a pet go. Unfortunately, these are moments that happen to everyone and finding a way to remember those sweet friends is a difficult task. Memorials are a great way to remember and cherish the lil guy. He is your best friend, after all. Here’s a great memorial we just worked on for Skyler. As you can see, he was quite the cover model. Skyler’s owner chose a great serving tray from our recycled framing treasure trove and we took it from there. The addition of his tags and the liscense plate just made this piece really pop. And the beautiful mat work adds a lovely touch. What a great way to remember a true friend.