When Denise brought in this gorgeous vintage kimono from Japan, we couldn't stop marveling at its beauty! Its intricate patterns and designs are something that we just don't see as often anymore. Denise was given the kimono as a gift from her aunt in Colorado who had it displayed hanging from a curtain rod. Because Denise lives in a high-rise on Lakeshore Drive, she didn't want the sun to fade the piece as time went by. So, of course, shadowboxing it with UV protective glass was the perfect solution. This was the perfect way to preserve the piece for future generations. 

After being pressed, the kimono was very carefully hand stitched on. Because it is made of silk, we took extra precaution in making sure that everything lay exactly where it needed to. 

Because of its complexity, we made special arrangements for Todd, one of the owners, to install the piece. So we sealed it up and headed to Denise's apartment on Lakeshore Drive. 

This was very large! It definitely takes more than just a nail in the wall to hang a piece of this size. Make sure to ask us if you don't know - we've got the hardware you'll need! 

 We're so happy that we were able to play a part in preserving this heirloom. Now, as it's passed along through the family, it will continue to hang on the walls for future generations, looking just as beautiful as it does today.

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