This was a very special project that we put together for a very special client. Her husband wanted to do something very meaningful for his father, whose father was a carpenter of Norwegian descent - and these were his original tools! 

She had supplied the wood backing and the leather straps that we used to secure the tools. It took a lot of figuring out to find the best arrangement and fastening methods to make all of the tools fit beautifully. 

We used a stacked double frame for this, because the depth of the frame needed to be large enough to fit all of the tools behind the glass. 

To make this project even more special, she wanted a golden engraved plate at the bottom of the piece that read "Bestefar Verktøy," the Norwegian "Grandpa's Tools."

We used his original wooden tape measure to frame out the top three sides of the piece. It was the perfect touch to bring everything together. 

With the frame fitted and secured, we carefully added the glass and sealed everything up. This piece ended up being super heavy - so we used a very strong wire hanger in the back to make sure it could safely hang on a wall. 

This piece is certainly something to be proud of on both sides. It represents the eternal bond between a family, and it represents the unique craftsmanship that Foursided brings. 

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