Photo-Blocks_Capone_web If someone wrote a biography about me, the title would be: She Came, She Photographed, She Likely Tripped, Fell and Hurt Herself Somewhere Along the Way. Do you have advice for artists/craftsman who want to transition into making their personal work full time? Be prepared to work many, many more hours than you likely do with your current day job. Running your own business isn’t easy and having a successful business rarely allows for a day off. That said, make sure that you do try to take a little time for yourself, to breathe, to relax and to avoid burning yourself out! Oh, and set a realistic budget before you take the plunge. I have seen many people go back to a day job because they weren’t realistic about what they could live without. What was your childhood dream job? I wanted to be a forensic pathologist with the FBI. That dream was abandoned when I discovered I get queasy at the idea of anything other than a paper cut. Do you have a favorite antiquing/thrifting find? Aside from my vintage camera collection, it would have to be a set of vintage bowling pins I found online. I fell in love with them the second I saw them. If I could just get my two cats to stop plowing in to them, I would enjoy them even more. (my apologies to my downstairs neighbors!)
Your favorite gift to give or current shopping obsession: I am obsessed with giving gifts by independent artisans. There are so many excellent options out there, both online and in awesome stores like Foursided and Twosided. I like being able to support others who are sticking their necks out and sharing their craft because it isn’t easy. #1 to do on your bucket list “Travel to Japan” has moved in to the number one spot now that quit the day job is crossed off. At the end of the day I... Try to cook myself a real meal. Cooking is my second love, next to photography, and it relaxes me. I don’t often have an “end of the day,” but I do try to take a break and cook. The-Tools_capone_web Favorite Chicago pizza? As blasphemous as this may sound, I don’t like Chicago deep dish. Sorry! I am an East Coast girl and prefer the regular pan pizza.
Anything else you'd like to share while you have a soapbox to share it from? You are never too old to make a change in your life. I am 39 years old, worked for the same company for 15 years and decided one day, last year, that I had enough. I am approaching a year on my own and I haven’t looked back. So many people don’t take leaps for fear that they will fail. To me, the failure would be if I had stuck with a job that made me unhappy and never took the chance. Life is way too short not to live every day as happy as possible.

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