We're a star baby!  Foursided framing boutique's debut has finally surfaced on hgtv.com and we are just gushing! Click here to see the virtual tour of a condo for HGTV's Urban Oasis: Chicago in the Trump Tower where one of owner Todd Mack's framed masterpieces hangs. Vern Yip hosts the long awaited second edition of the show.   When you watch the narrated audio tour, the best part naturally is where they show the framed art piece with the white letters around the 1:40 mark.  That's us!  That's us!  The piece entitled, "Chicago Marquee" showcases famous Chicago landmarks using letters form various vintage origins. Anyways, the fun isn't over yet.  HGTV is going to feature a clip of yours truly discussing the framed piece on Urban Oasis: Chicago. As if that isn't reason enough to watch, HGTV is going to be holding a contest to win the apartment featured in the show. Todd was so excited to wear filming make-up and one of those cool TV butt microphones as he was filmed talking with host Vern Yip.  HGTV has not yet released exact airing dates and times, but you best believe we will keep you posted.  Stay tuned!

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