Often times, people don't know that small objects can be framed just as easily as a painting or picture. We use something called a "spacer" inside of a shadow box frame to adjust how much room sits between the piece of glass and the back mat. This allows us to frame awesome three-dimensional objects of all kinds - as long as the depth of the frame is wider than the pieces going inside of it. 

Here's a pretty cool example of what we're talking about. A few weeks ago, a client brought in these AMAZING Matryoshka dolls, or Russian nesting dolls, that she wanted shadowboxed. We couldn't be more in love. 

Once we figured out how wide the frame needed to be to be able to fully encase these cuties, we started looking at a few options. We both agreed on a thick, brushed gold frame with a black frame doubled on the inside. This is called "capping" - the outer frame acts as a "cap" to the smaller inside frame. This allows for more customization with frame options. 

 We measured where each doll should sit and attached them to a small strip that sat inside the spacer inside the frame. We use silicone to make sure that they stay put.  Silicone won't damage the object like regular glues would. 

We closed up the back and this beauty was ready to be awed over! 

 What do you guys think? We're obsessed. This was such a fun and unique project. Sometimes it's hard to let these beauties go - but we know the customer will love it just as much as we do! 

 Then it was time for one of my favorite parts - the reveal. 

Have any three dimensional objects that you think would be pretty awesome inside of a shadow box? Come by and talk it out with us. We'll make it happen. 

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