Framing Favorites: Crossing the Finish Line

As soon as Heather came into the shop with her Chicago Marathon pieces, we knew we were in store for a super special project. It was important for us to somehow find a way to mirror Heather's hard work, perseverance, and determination through our framing.  

We decided to go with a white mat and a white frame to make sure that the focus was on the pieces individually. Anything else would've distracted from the awesomeness inside the frame. With that, we took off running* down to the frame shop. Okay, not literally... but you get the idea. 

*It's never a good idea to run in a frame shop. 

This piece was particularly tricky to decide how we wanted everything to be displayed inside the frame. It was important that each item was clearly visible and that they didn't compete for attention. 

Once we had found the perfect layout, we wanted to some depth to the piece by adding foam backing behind the picture of Heather crossing the finish line. Because this was being framed inside of a shadowbox, we had a lot of room to play with depth and dimension. We especially liked the "untouched" look of her number. The wrinkles and curved edges kept the piece more honest and organic.

Stamping Heather's official run-time was probably our favorite part of this project. Not only does it add a touch of unique craftsmanship, but it's also is the perfect way to subtly put the cherry on top of her amazing journey. Each number was individually stamped using a hammer and leather punch tools.

We're convinced Heather is going to be as happy as we are with how this piece came together! At Foursided, we believe the best memories are showcased when they're hanging on a wall.  

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