We are a pretty creative bunch at ALL Foursided locations. This might be the first time we are representing some of our most avid framing customers: sports fans!

The piece pictured above is an exceptional example combining several interesting elements. We have framed signed jerseys and sports memorabilia of all types. The most popular combo is the tickets and either a photo or newspaper article. Whatever the media, we always opt for a special take during the design process. 

For this piece we went with a cool gray mat with more showy, traditional mat openings. The tickets are balanced evenly on either side of the newsprint cover. Any newspaper clipping or article requires a special mounting process on black backing. Otherwise the text printed on the reverse side of fine newsprint will show through to the front.

Fitted with a simple black frame, the sporty feel and the focus on bold color and metallics is maintained. Have some fun with our frame designers mixing and matching metallic double mats, color-core mats, lacquer finish frames or whatever catches your eye on those championship pieces you've been waiting to give your sweetie for the Holidays. Wink, wink.

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