Some fans are lucky enough to snag the set list after seeing their favorite band perform live, but it usually ends up folded and crumpled by the end of the night.  Set lists don't tend to look like much either, just a list of songs with maybe a hand written note or two...but it's a cool souvenir worthy of preservation!  So, what to do?  Have us mount and frame it!  Yeah! A client brought in a set list recently, along with two of the band's album covers for us to manipulate into a custom mat.  We chose a yellow frame to complement the bold colors in the album artwork, then sectioned the covers into 2" strips to collage onto a black core mat.  The strips were chopped and cropped to fit on the mat with exact angles and smooth seams. Next, the wrinkled and folded set list was drymounted onto foamcore to get it nice and smooth before fitting it in the frame with UV protective glass. With its hyper-custom mat, the finished piece is visually stimulating and a unique reminder of a fun night out!   Source: Frame nerd Kelly

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