In the event that you're living under a rock and don't know what Lollapalooza is, it's best defined as the ULTIMATE music festival featuring the best of top 40, alternative, rock, pop and every other type of music imaginable. If you just got back from Lollapalooza,  are planning to go in 2012, or if you've ever been to a concert at all you know the first thing you do is run to a vendor and try to snatch a poster before they're gone. At the end of the night you pray that the poster isn't completely crushed and you rush home to try to flatten it out as best you can.  The best way to preserve one of these babies is to put in a frame.

Foursided Chicago has an array of different types of framing to offer.  We have your regular run of the mill frames, we can create custom shadowboxes, custom memory boxes, floating frames, conservation framing or whatever else your musical heart desires. We can also create custom presentations out of other souvenirs you pick up at a concert. Let us make a custom display out of a concert t-shirt, an autograph or even a sweat rag you caught from that dreamy singer.  We can do it all!  If you have any questions for us click here or call us at 773.506.8300.

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