If you are anything like us, when you aren't strolling around town looking at fun cards and antiques you are busy stuffing you face with yummy food. If you aren't a foodie yourself, we guarantee you know someone who is, so allow us to make your card purchasing a little easier with these new fun greetings!

We are super excited about carrying Nourishing Notes by Letterform, partly because we like to support local Chicago companies, but mostly because their cards are so darn cute! Both Twosided and Foursided have an array of card styles ranging from witty thank you notes: "Shanks. Shank you very much," to funny birthdays: "Oh sheet, I forgot your birthday," and everything in between. Cards are letterpressed with a bold envelope, and come printed with a cooking tip on the back of each greeting. Although these notes are calorie free, giving a card this cute just might inspire your friends to invite you over for a fabulous meal - buyers beware. Bon appétit!

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