Loyal blog readers, there is nothing we love more than seeing the amazing stuff you create from the things you find at our stores. We are here to inspire you to create stuff that is fun and memorable. Whether you create a memory by giving a fun card, or tangible art that you make with your own hands, we are elated to hear the story and happy to be a catalyst for creativity.

Card maker extraordinaire Amber, from a. Favorite Design, emailed us these great projects that showcase a bunch of our fun ephemera, and we were so impressed we just had to share!

Top to Bottom:
  • Number collage assembled from old flashcards, game pieces, house numbers, and other loveliness containing the number 3.
  • Anniversary card made from a flashcard, number piece, and folk clothespins. Traditionally wood is given for the 5th anniversary.
  • Looking into the magical jar.
  • Magical jar containing flashcards, scrabble tiles, dominoes, anagram tiles, and tons and tons of other fun stuff!
  • Valentine assembled in a frame from letters, cards, a domino, a Monopoly card, doilies, and assorted special do-dads.
Thanks Amber! All we can say is wow!

As for the rest of you, keep the great ideas coming - and if you would like us to showcase something you've made on our blog please do not hesitate to contact us!

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