We just got hold of an old picture word puzzle and we decided to whip up some cute one-of-a-kind cards. Here is a DIY guide for how to repurpose a similar puzzle, but don't be afraid to get creative and apply these techniques to another retro object!

Before you begin you will need to grab some glue, a cutting tool, a ruler, and have a cutting surface to work on. Also find some blank card stock or paper to make your card.

We want to use the puzzle piece and the surrounding area with the idea of the piece still being removable from the finished card. Using our ruler as a guide, we started by cutting a vertical strip off of the puzzle.

If you have access to a T-square it might come in handy for this next step which involves cutting out the actual object to be affixed to our card. We want the image and its corresponding word so we cut horizontally just below the text and just above the circle where the piece "pops" out of the puzzle. Repeat these first two steps until you have as many pieces as you have cards.

After we are done cutting we are ready to glue! Since we want the puzzle piece to actually be removable later make sure to apply glue ONLY to the area outside the circular piece. Glue it up and stick it to your card. Easy Peasy!

Let your cards dry, admire your work, and start brainstorming about your next crafty project!

Puzzle Cards $4.00 each

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