You have ideas. You want something framed. You want it to look cool, but you don't really know where to begin. Does this sound familiar?

We hear this a lot, and that's why us nice folks at Foursided are hear to help. We have ideas too, and can guide you through the framing process to help you create something even better than you imagined! For those of you worrying about the overwhelming selection of framing options and wondering where to begin, let us show you what goes on when someone walks through our doors and wants something framed - we promise it's not so scary. In fact, it's quite fun!

Here is a pile of stuff brought to us by a client who wants to make a fun unique wedding gift using names and dates. Flash cards, scrabble tiles, anagram playing cards and more are spread out and we start playing around to find something that looks nice.

The client decides to work with a smaller scale so we narrow down our materials to the smallest flash cards and scrabble tiles. After trying a few options, we agree on the placement of the objects.

Now that we know what we are working with we can narrow down our color options. We pick out 3 or 4 mats that work with the color pallete and decide on the one we like best.

Next come the frames. We pull a few samples based on what the client has in mind: a slimmer style made from wood with a darker stain. Even though we have hundreds of frames, it is easy to narrow down our choices for each individual project based on style, price, size, color, and material. No need to feel overwhelmed!

The brainstorming continues and we decide maybe we don't want a mat around this after all... what if we mounted these directly to the background? Cool! It is starting to look the way the client imagined!

Let's see how this is all going to look together... we agree this is a winner! The client decides they want to trim down the size of the flash cards for more balance. We suggest they round a corner to make them look even cuter. This collaboration is turning out well! 15 minutes from the time the client walked in the door we have narrowed down our options and have an order placed for a unique work of art ready to be framed.

Tah-dah! Around 10 days later we have our completed masterpiece ready for the client to give, and ready for the recipients to admire for years to come!

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