We are back with some ribbon tying tips to make your boxes look fab! Again, there are a million-and-a-half ways to tie a bow, and assuming most of you have graduated from velcro and learned to tie a shoelace, the bow tying doesn't seem to be the problem... it's wrasslin' with that ribbon and the box without an extra set of hands that gets you all tied up. Allow us to be of service.

  1. Let's start with a generous piece of ribbon - about 7x the longest box length. Place the center of the ribbon in the center of the box top-side up.
  2. Move each hand away from the center keep a firm hold on the ribbon until you reach the bottom edge of the box.
  3. Firmly holding the ribbon against the side of the box with your thumbs, gently flip the box over.
  4. The bottom side of your box (with the tape) should be face up.
  5. Give yourself some more slack on the ribbon and with the left piece in your right hand and the right piece in your left hand, cross the left piece over the right.
  6. Continue crossing the pieces of ribbon so that the pieces in your hands are perpendicular to the pieces crossing over your box in step 5.
  7. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  8. Your box should be facing up with a vertical strip of ribbon down the middle. Almost done!
  9. Cross the ribbon pieces over each other as you would if making a knot.
  10. Ok now the tricky one handed bits come into play... so get ready! Holding the left piece of ribbon with your left hand, pinch the area of the ribbons where they cross each other. While holding this snugly with your left hand, take the right piece of ribbon from the back and push the right piece of ribbon under with your right hand to complete the knot.
  11. Pull the right piece of ribbon through and pull to tighten both pieces of your knot.
  12. Holding the left piece of ribbon in the left hand, use your left index finger to press the knot of ribbon to the box and hold it in place. Use the thumb from your left hand and your right hand to form the right piece of ribbon into a loop.
  13. Let your left index finger off the hook and swap in your right thumb to hold the knot and bow in place. Using your left hand, wrap the left ribbon around the bow in your right hand - just like tying a shoe
  14. Push the loop of left ribbon through the knot you have made with your left hand, with your right hand still holding things in place.
  15. Let the left hand take over holding things, and using your right hand pull the remaning loop of your bow through the knot.
  16. Yay! You did it! It wasn't so bad, was it? Tighten up your bow and trim off the ends to make it look pretty. Give your gift and watch your lovely bow get untied.

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