Panoramic Perfection

Clever customers often turn to custom framing when they have a unique item of unusual dimensions. Foursided has many clients that present long, slender pieces like a panoramic skyline photo or in this case an accordion style print.

This prehistoric, dinosaur jungle piece is stunning and colorful on every front. Our client wanted to show off it's brilliant color and detail with a simple, modern frame.

An accordion style piece like this can be framed in multiple ways. One way is by keeping the natural folds and height of the piece in a shadowbox style, deep-set frame. We've done this in the past with vintage maps that want a special twist. 

For this piece, our client wanted to show off the detail of the illustration so we flattened the print with a drymount, gave it a soft eggshell mat border and finished it with a sleek, black metal frame.

This choice of frame and finish is excellent for any short, lengthy piece you've been trying to hang. Many Chicago skylines of this size and shape have crossed our framing tables at Foursided. Is yours next?

Chalk It Up To Good Framing

Pictured above is a new specialty piece Foursided framed up for a customer who stumbled upon a full set of vintage pigments in spectacular condition! The spectrum of color in their original glass vials are totally drool worthy.

For a little extra pizazz our framers floated the vials on a fine linen mat with a slightly warm tint to it.

Rainbow order and even spacing between each gives the piece a neatly organized appeal. What a spectacular find!

After creating tall walls for the piece that enhances its shadowbox environment, Foursided framers fit it to perfection. The selected frame has a rustic appeal with a chalky grey finish that complements the subject.

Do your own garage sale, flea market digging and we can help you frame your discoveries just as sweet.

Bedroom interior shot from

A Bold Splash of Mod

This remarkable oversize piece is truly breathtaking! Our customer began with an unusual, mixed media collage. Pieces of charcoal finished paper with a metallic gold acrylic accent make up the overall composition.

The piece’s unusual shape is a challenge in determining both the orientation and overall dimensions of the frame. Floating on a white mat with liberal spacing around the art allows for it to really pop!

Being set back with walls into the frame (shadowbox style) illuminates the metallic paint splatter and matte charcoal of the artwork.

The paint has depth so that every angle creates a new visual experience. A lot of thoughtful planning and design makes for one impactful custom framing project.