Swipe, Swipe Candle

So you decided to lower the minimum age on your dating profiles. Big mistake. Now all you get is young guys offering to come over and “blow your back out”. Uh uh. You’re too grown for that! You want to be wined. You want to be dined...

Wait a minute. Did you just swipe right on that ripped college dude by mistake? Was it an mistake?

Work, bitch.


Black Pepper, Rosemary, Bamboo, Patchouli


Fresh / Green


Messy Vibes

Net Weight: 11oz (310g)
Burn Time: 80 Hours
Wax Type: Coconut Soy Wax
Wick Type: 2 Wick, Cotton Wick
Dimensions: 3.5”L x 3.5”W x 4”H (8.8cm L x 8.8cm W x 10.3cm H)
Total Unit Weight: 26.6oz (754g)
Packaging: Retail Box

Formaldehyde free
Paraben free
Phthalate free

$ 30.00